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Grupo Altstaedter Real Estate is a real estate company that was founded in Denia in 2022 by the siblings Manuel Altstaedter and Vanessa Altstaedter. The Altstaedter siblings have already sold and rented properties in Germany, in the metropolis of Frankfurt am Main to be precise, for many years.

Their long stay on the Costa Blanca from 2001 to 2008 had firmly anchored the two siblings in this region. 

All the greater was the urge to move back to Spain and re-establish themselves. This had been their dream ever since they moved back to Germany from Valencia in 2008. The dream of owning their own real estate company then came about all by itself. A German proverb says that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This is true, as their parents and grandparents were also firmly anchored in the real estate business, it was no surprise that the two of them would also become real estate entrepreneurs. 

As mentioned at the beginning, Vanessa and Manuel have many years of professional experience in the real estate industry, as well as a diploma as real estate agents recognised by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Frankfurt am Main. Both are highly trained real estate agents who want to offer their clients the best possible buying experience. The team supports buyers and sellers in every single phase of the sale or purchase of their dream property. From the first viewing to the notary, the team will assist you to your complete satisfaction

The unique selling point of Grupo Altstaedter Real Estate is that it will also look after you have bought your home. The motto here is: The team takes care of all matters related to the property. For example, the team has experienced craftsmen and architects on hand. This means that if a client decides to start a renovation, Grupo Altstaedter Real Estate will take care of it from the building license to the final inspection

Most clients do not live in their property on the Costa Blanca all year round. The team at Grupo Altstaedter has a service for this too, property management. Through weekly updates, homeowners are notified of the status of construction work on their property, for example. 

As you can see, Grupo Altsteadter Real Estate leaves nothing to be desired!



Real Estate Agent

After Vanessa graduated from high school with a degree in business and administration in 2012, she started an apprenticeship as a hotel manager. Since she already worked with many international people and cultures during her training, this was the foundation to get to know the world. After she passed her apprenticeship with flying colors, she was able to gain a foothold in the family business. The family business consisted of the management, sale and purchase of real estate. Furthermore, she completed the certified course as a real estate agent at the Chamber of trade and Commerce in Frankfurt am Main. Since she needed new challenges in her life she started a new beginning at the Costa Blanca in her own company.

Through his long stay in Germany, Manuel has gained a lot of experience in the daily real estate business. In the Frankfurt am Main region in Hesse, Manuel has successfully completed many transactions and has passed with flying colors to become a certified real estate agent IHK.

Furthermore, Manuel has already spent many years successfully selling real estate in Spain on the Costa Blanca. His main characteristic is the listing of exclusive properties, as well as the adequate marketing of these. He and his team take care to sell the listed properties as successfully as possible.

He is also passionate about bringing buyers and sellers together to provide the best possible buying experience for his clients.


Real Estate Agent


Real Estate Agent

After Lara completed her training as a businesswoman in wholesale and foreign trade management in Frankfurt am Main, she decided to take a certified course as a real estate agent at the Chamber of trade and Commerce because she likes working with people and especially the experience of real estate runs in the family. During her career she has always found it important to have a good relationship between buyer and seller to avoid complications.

That is why she decided to come to the Costa Blanca, because she already has experience in this area and knows the language.

I have studied Marketing and Events Management at University in Edinburgh and have been working in the industry for the last 8 years. My marketing focus is on Graphic Design as well as web design.

As Social Media is such a powerful marketing tool nowadays, I have also specialized in Social Media Management in order to assure each business of the best return on investment.

Most businesses have huge potential, nevertheless, customers and society need to see and know your business which is why marketing is such an important part of every business.



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